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—Minimization of energy consumption is one of the most important research areas in Wireless Sensor Networks. Nowadays, the paradigms of computational intelligence (CI) are widely used in WSN, such as localization, clustering, energy aware routing, task scheduling, security, etc. Though many fuzzy based clustering techniques have been proposed earlier, many(More)
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an automatic identification (Auto-ID) technology which allows remote interrogation of ID data on RFID tags using radio frequency (RF) as a means of wireless communication between tagged objects and RFID readers. This paper studies whether so called " networked RFID " systems can meet the timing constraints set by(More)
This paper addresses the inter-cell interference (ICI) issue in the multi-cell scenario in modern wireless communications systems which employ factor-one frequency reuse pattern, and proposes an effective solution to deal with the ICI. The proposed transmission structure takes advantage of the cooperation between base stations (BS), and combines both(More)