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Designers of statistical machine translation (SMT) systems have begun to employ tree-structured translation models. Systems involving tree-structured translation models tend to be complex. This article aims to reduce the conceptual complexity of such systems, in order to make them easier to design, implement, debug, use, study, understand, explain, modify,(More)
– Peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing networks are becoming more and more popular recently due to its simplicity, scalability and distributed search and file downloading approaches. However, the design of P2P network protocols seldom considers the security issues, which makes them prone to a lot of possible attacks. In this project, we investigate the(More)
The transplantation and optimization of H.264 algorithm were introduced. The design principle of hardware and the approach of software module for video network server were analyzed, and the approach of developing network function with NDK was studied in detail. The system realized the real-time network video transmission of CIF format. The design is(More)
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