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We describe a simple yet general method to analyze networks of coupled identical nonlinear oscillators and study applications to fast synchronization, locomotion, and schooling. Specifically, we use nonlinear contraction theory to derive exact and global (rather than linearized) results on synchronization, antisynchronization, and oscillator death. The(More)
We study synchronization conditions for distributed dynamic networks with different types of leaders. The role of a " power " leader specifying a desired global state trajectory through local interactions has long been recognized and modeled. This paper introduces the complementary notion of a " knowledge " leader holding information on the target dynamics,(More)
— We study stability of interacting nonlinear systems with time-delayed communications, using contraction theory and a simplified wave variable design inspired by robotic teleoperation. We show that contraction is preserved through specific time-delayed feedback communications, and that this property is independent of the values of the delays. The approach(More)
Previous analyses of dental size in Gigantopithecus blacki indicated marked sexual dimorphism and a trend towards increasing size through time. These studies were based on a sample of over 700 teeth from five localities excavated prior to 1990. Since then, 12 additional cave sites have been discovered in southern China, yielding hundreds of isolated teeth(More)
LT codes are asymptotically optimal rateless erasure codes with highly efficient encoding and decoding algorithms. In the original analysis of these codes, it was assumed that for each encoding symbol, the neighbors used to generate that encoding symbol are chosen uniformly at random. Practical implementations of LT codes cannot afford this amount of(More)
Nonlinear contraction theory allows surprisingly simple analysis of synchronisation phenomena in distributed networks of coupled nonlinear elements. The key idea is the construction of a virtual contracting system whose particular solutions include the individual subsystems' states. We also study the role, in both nature and system design, of co-existing "(More)
Industry is a major contributor to carbon emissions in China, and industrial land is an important input to industrial production. Therefore, a detailed analysis of the carbon emission performance of industrial land use is necessary for making reasonable carbon reduction policies that promote the sustainable use of industrial land. This paper aims to analyze(More)