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Sharing and community curation of mass spectrometry data with Global Natural Products Social Molecular Networking
In GNPS, crowdsourced curation of freely available community-wide reference MS libraries will underpin improved annotations and data-driven social-networking should facilitate identification of spectra and foster collaborations. Expand
Proteasomal Protein Degradation in Mycobacteria Is Dependent upon a Prokaryotic Ubiquitin-like Protein*
It is shown that cell lysates of wild type (but not a proteasome mutant) efficiently degraded Pup-modified proteins, establishing that Pup plays an analogous role to ubiquitin in targeting proteins to the proteasomes for degradation. Expand
Single Cell Genome Amplification Accelerates Identification of the Apratoxin Biosynthetic Pathway from a Complex Microbial Assemblage
This work represents the first successful isolation of a complete biosynthetic gene cluster from Lyngbya bouillonii, a tropical marine cyanobacterium renowned for its production of diverse bioactive secondary metabolites. Expand
Sharing and community curation of mass spectrometry data with GNPS
The potential of the diverse chemistries present in natural products (NP) for biotechnology and medicine remains untapped because NP databases are not searchable with raw data and the NP communityExpand
Microbial metabolic exchange--the chemotype-to-phenotype link.
The goal of the rapidly advancing field studying multifactorial metabolic exchange is to devise a microbial 'Rosetta stone' in order to understand the language by which microbial interactions are negotiated and, ultimately, to control the outcome of these conversations. Expand
Dereplication and De Novo Sequencing of Nonribosomal Peptides
This work used multistage mass spectrometry followed by spectral alignment algorithms for sequencing of cyclic NRPs and developed an algorithm for comparative NRP dereplication that establishes similarities between newly isolated and previously identified similar but nonidentical NRPs. Expand
Synergistic allelochemicals from a freshwater cyanobacterium
It is observed that maximal allelopathic activity is highest in early growth stages of the cyanobacterium, and this provided sufficient material for isolation and chemical characterization of active compounds that inhibited the growth of C. vulgaris. Expand
The Bacillus subtilis cannibalism toxin SDP collapses the proton motive force and induces autolysis
It is shown that purified SDP acts like endogenously produced SDP; it delays sporulation, and the SdpI immunity protein confers SDP resistance, suggesting it participates in defence of the B.’subtilis biofilm against Gram‐positive bacteria as well as cannibalism. Expand
Automated Genome Mining of Ribosomal Peptide Natural Products
RiPPquest, a tandem mass spectrometry database search tool for identification of microbial RiPPs, is introduced and a new class III lanthipeptide, informatipeptin, from Streptomyces viridochromogenes DSM 40736 is discovered to reflect that it is a natural product that was discovered by mass Spectrometry based genome mining using algorithmic tools rather than manual inspection of mass spectromaetry data and genetic information. Expand
Interpretation of tandem mass spectra obtained from cyclic nonribosomal peptides.
An annotation program was developed for the annotation and characterization of tandem mass spectra obtained from cyclic peptides and enables quantitative analysis of the ion intensities. Expand