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In order to determine the importance of lens actin filament configuration to lens accommodation, the pattern of actin filaments in the epithelium was studied in human lenses from different decades of life spanning the accommodative and non-accommodative years. Polygonal arrays of microfilaments were demonstrated in whole mounts of epithelium from normal and(More)
An unknown Sedum was found from the limestone region in Taiwan. After a detailed comparison with other congeners in Taiwan and neighboring countries, we identified this plant as a new species. This new taxon resembles S. nokoense Yamamoto, S. alfredii Hance, and S. uniflorum Hook. & Arn. subsp. oryzifolium (Makino) H. Ohba, but differs in leaf shape, sepal(More)
This study presented a wireless smart contact lens system that was composed of a reconfigurable capacitive sensor interface circuitry and wirelessly powered radio-frequency identification (RFID) addressable system for sensor control and data communication. In order to improve compliance and reduce user discomfort, a capacitive sensor was embedded on a soft(More)
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