Wei-Tech Ang

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Abslract-ReaJ-time accurate human posture tracking in unconstrained environments will provide an enabling technology for physicians and other care providers to monitor the movements of their patients in real-life situations. Constructing a posture tracking system with the form factor suitable for human wear requires the development of miniature units that(More)
Many problems in plasma physics involve substantial amounts of analytical vector calculation. The complexity usually originates from both the vector operations themselves and the choice of underlying coordinate system. A computer algebra package for symbolic vector analysis in general coordinate systems, GeneralVectorAnalysis GVA, is developed using(More)
Biological or biomedical objects, such as expressive human faces and growing brain tumors, and dynamic scenes, such as cars running on the roads, generally vary their shapes as linear combinations of a number of shape bases. With the expeditious development of computer and imaging technologies, the problems of reconstruction, registration, and modeling of(More)
  • W Ang, Meng, Fang-Zheng Li, L-I Pei Huang, Sakane Makoto
  • 2011
The traditional deadbeat control for UPS inverters has a robustness problem. The parametric imprecision can greatly harm the stability of the system, which restricts the application. A novel robust deadbeat control method is proposed in this paper to deal with the problem. In the proposed control method, a proportional element is added to the traditional(More)
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