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The paper describes the architectural details of a fine-grained Programmable Transistor Array (PTA) architecture and illustrates its use in evolutionary experiments on the synthesis of both analog and digital circuits. A PTA chip was built in CMOS to allow circuits obtained through evolutionary design using a simulated PTA to be immediately deployed and(More)
This paper presents a saliency-based video object extraction (VOE) framework. The proposed framework aims to automatically extract foreground objects of interest without any user interaction or the use of any training data (i.e., not limited to any particular type of object). To separate foreground and background regions within and across video frames, the(More)
In this paper, we propose a saliency inspired video object extraction (VOE) method to extract and segment foreground objects of interest from videos captured by freely moving cameras. Our method aims at detecting visual and motion salient regions from an input video, and thus we integrate such cosaliency information with the associated foreground and(More)
Abstrnct-The paper presents the hardware implementation and initial tests !?om a low-pow, high-speed reconfigurable sensor fusion processor. The Extended Logic Intelligent Roceaing System (ELIPS) is described, which combines rule-based systems, fuzzy logic, and n e d networks to achieve parallel fusion of sensor signals in compact low power VLSI. The(More)
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