Wei-Te Chen

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Clinical TempEval 2016 evaluated temporal information extraction systems on the clinical domain. Nine sub-tasks were included, covering problems in time expression identification, event expression identification and temporal relation identification. Participant systems were trained and evaluated on a corpus of clinical and pathology notes from the Mayo(More)
In this paper, we propose a lexical senses representation system called E-HowNet, in which the lexical senses are defined by basic concepts. As a result, the meanings of expressions are more specific than those derived by using primitives. We also design an ontology to express the taxo-nomic relations between concepts and the attributes of concepts. To(More)
This research describes the development of a supervised classifier of English light verb constructions, for example , take a walk and make a speech. This classifier relies on features from dependency parses, OntoNotes sense tags, WordNet hypernyms and WordNet lexical file information. Evaluation shows that this system achieves an 89% F1 score (four points(More)
This paper presents an example of how of 'intelligence' is designed into a distributed system. The exemplar is Med Net Agent system. The Med Net Agent system, developed and prototyped in response to customer requirements, may be viewed as an ontology driven, agent-based, integrated system that incorporates both patient information and disease information.(More)
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