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With the idea of social network analysis, we propose a novel way to analyze movie videos from the perspective of social relationships rather than audiovisual features. To appropriately describe role’s relationships in movies, we devise a method to quantify relations and construct role’s social networks, called RoleNet. Based on RoleNet, we are able to(More)
Semantic context detection is one of the key techniques to facilitate efficient multimedia retrieval. Semantic context is a scene that completely represents a meaningful information segment to human beings. In this paper, we propose a novel hierarchical approach that models the statistical characteristics of several audio events, over a time series, to(More)
This paper presents a new medium, called tiling slideshow, to display photos in a tile-like manner, coordinating with the pace of background music. In contrast to the conventional photo slideshow, multiple photos that have similar characteristics are well arranged and displayed at the same layout. Motivated by the concepts of technical writing, each(More)
This paper presents two applications about representative photo selection and smart thumbnailing using the results of near-duplicate detection. For a given photo cluster, near-duplicate photo pairs are first determined, and the relationships between them are modeled by a graph. The most typical one is then automatically selected by examining the mutual(More)
A new type of audiovisual presentation is proposed to displays well-organized photos in a tile-like manner. Multiple photos that have similar characteristics are well manipulated to construct a frame. Displays of photos are accompanied with the pace of incidental music. This kind of presentation shows visual and aural coordination so that user’s sympathetic(More)
We introduce local feature points to achieve face clustering for consumer photos. After combining eigenfaces with context information like clothes, we further investigate the usage of local feature points to match face images. The relationships between face images are constructed by feature matching and then described as a graph. Outliers in the results of(More)
This paper presents a framework for automatic video region-of-interest determination based on visual attention model. We view this work as a preliminary step towards the solution of high-level semantic video analysis. Facing such a challenging issue, in this work, a set of attempts on using video attention features and knowledge of computational media(More)
With the advances of digital video analysis and storage technologies, also the progress of entertainment industry, movie viewers hope to gain more control over what they see. Therefore, tools that enable movie content analysis are important for accessing, retrieving, and browsing information close to a human perceptive and semantic level. We proposed an(More)
This paper presents a framework that explicitly detects events in broadcasting baseball videos and facilitates the development of many practical applications. Three phases of contributions are included in this work: reliable shot classification, explicit event detection, and elaborate applications. At the shot classification stage, color and geometric(More)