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Kerr/CFT Correspondence
Quantum gravity in the region very near the horizon of an extreme Kerr black hole (whose angular momentum and mass are related by J=GM{sup 2}) is considered. It is shown that consistent boundaryExpand
Chiral gravity in three dimensions
Three dimensional Einstein gravity with negative cosmological constant ?1/?2 deformed by a gravitational Chern-Simons action with coefficient 1/? is studied in an asymptotically AdS3 spacetime. It isExpand
Warped AdS3 black holes
Three dimensional topologically massive gravity (TMG) with a negative cosmological constant ???2 and positive Newton constant G admits an AdS3 vacuum solution for any value of the graviton mass ?.Expand
New boundary conditions for AdS3
A bstractNew chiral boundary conditions are found for quantum gravity with matter on AdS3. The associated asymptotic symmetry group is generated by a single right-moving U(1) Kac-Moody-VirasoroExpand
Black hole superradiance from Kerr/CFT
The superradiant scattering of a scalar field with frequency and angular momentum (ω, m) by a near-extreme Kerr black hole with mass and spin (M, J) was derived in the seventies by Starobinsky,Expand
Chiral gravity, log gravity, and extremal CFT
We show that the linearization of all exact solutions of classical chiral gravity around the ${\mathrm{AdS}}_{3}$ vacuum have positive energy. Nonchiral and negative-energy solutions of theExpand
Holographic derivation of Kerr-Newman scattering amplitudes for general charge and spin
Near-superradiant scattering of charged scalars and fermions by a near-extreme Kerr-Newman black hole and photons and gravitons by a near-extreme Kerr black hole are computed as certain FourierExpand
Entanglement entropy in flat holography
A bstractBMS symmetry, which is the asymptotic symmetry at null infinity of flat spacetime, is an important input for flat holography. In this paper, we give a holographic calculation of entanglementExpand
Un-twisting the NHEK with spectral flows
A bstractWe show that the six-dimensional uplift of the five-dimensional Near-Horizon-Extremal-Kerr (NHEK) spacetime can be obtained from an AdS3 × S3 solution by a sequence of supergravity — but notExpand
$ \mathcal{W} $ symmetry and integrability of higher spin black holes
A bstractWe obtain the asymptotic symmetry algebra of $ sl\left( {3,\mathbb{R}} \right)\times sl\left( {3,\mathbb{R}} \right) $ Chern-Simons theory with Dirichlet boundary conditions for fixedExpand