Wei-Song Lin

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In this paper we show how an active binocular head the IIS head can be easily calibrated with very high accuracy Our calibration method can also be applied to many other binocular heads In addition to the proposal and demonstration of a four stage calibration process there are three major contributions in this paper First we propose a MFL Motorized Focus(More)
In camera calibration due to the correlations between certain camera parameters e g the correlation between the image center and the camera orientation an estimate of a set of cam era parameters which minimizes a given criterion does not guarantee that the physical camera parameter estimates are themselves accurate This problem has not drawn much attention(More)
A robust fuzzy model-following control system is proposed for the control of robot manipulators. The application field to -link robot manipulators with torque disturbance and measurement noise is addressed. The control objective is obtained by tailoring a nominal adaptation process of parameters to implement appropriate function approximation and(More)
A robust neuro-fuzzy controller with tuning mechanism of membership functions and neural weights to achieve the tracking control of composite multivariable systems is proposed. The control strategy is developed to facilitate robust property by self-tuning the consequent membership functions of the fuzzy controllers. By an on-line tuning mechanism, the fuzzy(More)
Automatic train regulation (ATR) dominates the service quality, transport capacity, and energy usage of a metro-line operation. The train regulator aims to maximize the schedule/headway adherence while minimizing the energy consumption. This paper presents a traffic-energy model to characterize the complicated dynamics with regard to the traffic and the(More)
Communication based train control bring the possibility of moving block control of metro line. The system's transport capacity and punctuality in service depends on the capability of automatic train regulation. The automatic train regulation problem is essentially nonlinear and stochastic, and limited by operating hours of metro line. Neuro-dynamic(More)