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An Accurate Cartesian Grid Method for Viscous Incompressible Flows with Complex Immersed Boundaries T. Ye,∗ R. Mittal,∗ H. S. Udaykumar,† and W. Shyy† ∗Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 32611; †Department of Aerospace Engineering, Mechanics and Engineering Science, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida(More)
This paper documents the development and evaluation of an original flexible-wing-based Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) technology that reduces adverse effects of gusty wind conditions and unsteady aerodynamics, exhibits desirable flight stability, and enhances structural durability. The flexible wing concept has been demonstrated on aircraft with wingspans ranging(More)
The lattice Boltzmann equation (LBE) is an alternative kinetic method capable of solving hydrodynamics for various systems. Major advantages of the method are owing to the fact that the solution for the particle distribution functions is explicit, easy to implement, and natural to parallelize. Because the method often uses uniform regular Cartesian lattices(More)
In this work, a mixed Eulerian–Lagrangian algorithm, called ELAFINT (Eulerian Lagrangian algorithm for interface tracking) is developed further and applied to compute flows with solid–fluid and fluid–fluid interfaces. The method is capable of handling fluid flows in the presence of both irregularly shaped solid boundaries and moving boundaries on a fixed(More)
The present work investigates two approaches for force evaluation in the lattice Boltzmann equation: the momentum-exchange method and the stress-integration method on the surface of a body. The boundary condition for the particle distribution functions on curved geometries is handled with second-order accuracy based on our recent works [Mei et al., J.(More)
Severe, particle-level strains induced during both production and cycling have been putatively linked to lifetime limiting damage in lithium-ion cells. Because of the presently unknown contributions of manufacturing and intercalation induced stresses in Li cells, this correlation is critical in determining optimal materials and manufacturing methods for(More)
Effects of chordwise, spanwise, and isotropic flexibility on the force generation and propulsive efficiency of flapping wings are elucidated. For a moving body immersed in viscous fluid, different types of forces, as a function of the Reynolds number, reduced frequency (k), and Strouhal number (St), acting on the moving body are identified based on a(More)
A CARTESIAN GRID METHOD FOR VISCOUS INCOMPRESSIBLE FLOWS WITH COMPLEX IMMERSED BOUNDARIES T. Ye1, R. Mittal2 Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Florida Gainesville, Florida, 32611 H. S. Udaykumar3 and W. Shyy4 Department of Aerospace Engineering, Mechanics and Engineering Science University of Florida Gainesville, Florida, 32611 ABSTRACT A(More)
Adhesion of leukocytes to substrate involves the coupling of disparate length and timescales between molecular mechanics and macroscopic transport, and existing models of cell adhesion do not use full cellular information. To address these challenges, a multiscale computational approach for studying the adhesion of a cell on a substrate is developed and(More)