Wei-Shoong Teh

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Invasive aspergillosis is an uncommon but increasingly reported complication of AIDS. Sinusitis, usually bacterial in etiology, is frequently seen among human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected patients. We discuss the cases of three patients with AIDS and invasive aspergillus sinusitis seen at our institutions and those of 15 patients who are described(More)
We present a model for organizing multimedia information especially suitable for applications with three-dimensional content. The model relies on the hierarchical nature of 3D objects, which are utilized as centralizing structure to give coherence to the organization and access of all other medium types. Techniques have been developed to facilitate the(More)
Biofilms are surface-attached communities of microorganisms embedded in an extracellular matrix and are essential for the cycling of organic matter in natural and engineered environments. They are also the leading cause of many infections, for example, those associated with chronic wounds and implanted medical devices. The extracellular matrix is a key(More)
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