Wei-Shen Tai

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Nowadays, knowledge has become a determinant capital for enterprise to retain and improve competitive advantage. In other words, knowledge and intellectual capital are crucial intangible resources and also need to be emphasized and manage appropriately. Because knowledge is abstract, intangible, and difficult to measure, it becomes an important issue to(More)
Recruitment is an important issue of human resource management (HRM). The main purpose of recruitment is to obtain talent from internal and external of organization. However, excellent talent maybe will be missed at the pre-screening process under lack of complete information for managers to judge. In this paper, a personnel selection tool based on fuzzy(More)
Self-Organization Map (SOM) offers an effective visualization capability for analyzing high-dimensional data. Nevertheless, most SOM models lack a robust solution to appropriately manipulate both numeric and categorical data. To solve the foregoing problem, Generalized SOM (GenSOM) was proposed to handle distance measurement of mixed-type data via distance(More)