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Performance testing is conducted before deploying system updates in order to ensure that the performance of large software systems did not degrade (i.e., no performance regressions). During such testing, thousands of performance counters are collected. However, comparing thousands of performance counters across versions of a software system is very time(More)
The task of a playback attack detector (PAD) is to decide whether an incoming recording shares the same originating utterance as any of N stored recordings. All recordings are noisy channel-distorted versions of the same phrase uttered by the same person; the originating utterances of the N stored recordings are assumed to be distinct. The proposed approach(More)
OBJECTIVES Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) are believed to be a leading cause of death in the world. Pharmacovigilance systems are aimed at early detection of ADRs. With the popularity of social media, Web forums and discussion boards become important sources of data for consumers to share their drug use experience, as a result may provide useful information(More)
XUN ZHANG∗,†, GUIHUAN ZHENG∗, WEI SHANG∗, SHANGYING XU∗, XIAOGUANG YANG∗, KIN KEUNG LAI‡ and SHOU-YANG WANG∗,§ ∗Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, China †School of Mathematical Sciences Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing 100190, China ‡Department of Management Sciences City(More)
Public attention on natural gas price, which reflects the demand dynamics, is considered as a new factor to influence the movement of price. So investigate the impact of public attention on natural gas price is an innovative research issue in energy economics. This paper innovatively constructs a measure of public attention and examines its impact on(More)
A playback attack detector (PAD), which can be mobilized in guarding speaker verification systems against playback attacks, is described in this paper. To detect playback attacks, the PAD uses a feature set called peakmap, which includes the frame and FFT bin numbers of the five highest spectral peaks from each of the voiced frames in an utterance. During(More)
A playback attack refers to the situation when an intruder plays back a recording of a true client uttering his or her pass phrase in order to bypass a speaker verification system. Playback attacks are effective and easy to implement, thus, posing a serious threat to the security of a pass-phrase protected speaker verification system. A Playback Attack(More)
Achieving the decoupling of electric CO2 emissions from total electricity generation is important in ensuring the sustainable socioeconomic development of China. To realize this, China implemented market-oriented reforms to its electric power industry at the beginning of 2003. This study used the Tapio decoupling index, the Laspeyres decomposition(More)
Diverse knowledge and techniques are required in retail store network planning (RSNP), which involves indispensable and interdependent strategic decision processes such as performance evaluation, trade area analysis, market potential forecasting and retail network optimization. On the one hand, these processes are often tightly related and need to be(More)