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When it comes to end-of-life care, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients are often treated differently from lung cancer patients. However, few reports have compared end-of-life care between these two groups. We investigated the differences between patients with end-stage COPD and end-stage lung cancer based on end-of-life symptoms and(More)
Faced with increasingly large multicore chip designs, architects need fast and accurate simulations for their exploration of design spaces within a limited simulation time budget. In multithreaded applications, threads cannot run simultaneously. Sampling is commonly used to reduce simulation time, but conventional sampling barely detects the instantaneous(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Taiwan is only now beginning to offer palliative care to patients who do not have cancer. This study aimed to document the polysymptomatic presentation of illness in Taiwanese patients with late-stage nonmalignant disease and to evaluate the potential benefits of palliative care for these patients. The results may help to educate(More)
This study aimed to compare multiaspect characteristics in cancer and noncancer patients who received palliative care. Totally, 226 patients with cancer and 115 noncancer patients received palliative care consultation service in Taiwan from September 2007 through December 2009 were retrospectively analyzed. Noncancer patients were older (81 vs 67 years, P <(More)
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