Wei-Qing Chen

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BACKGROUND The deleterious biological effects of low-level, long-term exposure to heavy metals are well known, and children are the most susceptible population. Dabaoshan Mine in the southeast of Guangdong Province is at high risk of discharging multi-metals pollutants into a local river (Hengshihe) and the surrounding area. The present study aimed to(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the prevalence of anxiety and depressive symptoms among patients with somatic diseases in urban China. METHOD A hospital-based cross-sectional study was carried out in four major cities of China from June to August in 2004. There were 2111 eligible subjects with Stroke, Parkinson's Disease, Epilepsy, Irritable Bowel Syndrome,(More)
BACKGROUND Child maltreatment can cause significant physical and psychological problems. The present study aimed to investigate the prevalence and determinants of child maltreatment in Guangzhou, China, where such issues are often considered a taboo subject. METHODS A school-based survey was conducted in southern China in 2005. 24 high schools were(More)
BACKGROUND Aberrant methylation of promoter DNA and transcriptional repression of specific tumor suppressor genes play an important role in carcinogenesis. Recently, many studies have investigated the association between cigarette smoking and p16(INK4α) gene hypermethylation in lung cancer, but could not reach a unanimous conclusion. METHODS AND FINDINGS(More)
OBJECTIVE The present study aimed to examine the association between maternal passive smoking during pregnancy and the risk of spontaneous PTD and to explore the potential interaction of the single or joint gene polymorphism of CYP1A1 and GSTs with maternal passive smoking on the risk of spontaneous PTD. METHOD We investigated whether the association(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to assess the association of psychological stress and social support with anxiety and depressive symptoms in peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD). METHODS Eighty-one patients receiving PD were recruited. Their demographic characteristics, psychological stress, and social support(More)
BACKGROUND The Dabaoshan mine in the southeast of Guangdong Province, China, is at high risk of multi-metal pollutant discharge into a local river (Hengshihe) and the surrounding area. Following approximately 30 years of exposure to these metals, little is known regarding the subsequent health effects and risks for the local residents. In our present study,(More)
BACKGROUND There is an inverse relationship between febrile infection and the risk of malignancies. Interferon gamma (IFN-γ) plays an important role in fever induction and its expression increases with incubation at fever-range temperatures. Therefore, the genetic polymorphism of IFN-γ may modify the association of febrile infection with breast cancer risk.(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the use of a series of preventive measures, a high incidence of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) was observed among health care workers (HCWs) during the SARS epidemic. This study aimed to determine which preventive measures may have been effective in protecting HCWs from infection, and which were not effective. METHODS A(More)
To determine the prevalence of inapparent infection with severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) among healthcare workers, we performed a serosurvey to test for immunoglobulin (Ig) G antibodies to the SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV) among 1,147 healthcare workers in 3 hospitals that admitted SARS patients in mid-May 2003. Among them were 90 healthcare workers(More)