Wei - Po Lee

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In this paper, we apply the three-dimensional (3-D) active contour model to a 3-D ultrasonic data file for segmenting of the breast tumor. The 3-D ultrasonic file is composed of a series of two-dimensional (2-D) images. Most of traditional techniques of 2-D image segmentation will not use the information between adjacent images. To suit the property of the(More)
The large amount of multimedia contents often cause the problem of information overload. To tackle this problem, it is necessary to develop personalization techniques to recommend most suitable contents to users. In this work, we develop a new social tag-based method for the recommendation of multimedia items, and compare it with several often-used methods.(More)
Designing robots for home entertainment has become an important application of intelligent autonomous robot. Yet, robot design takes considerable amount of time and the short life cycle of toy-type robots with fixed prototypes and repetitive behaviors is in fact disadvantageous. Therefore, it is important to develop a framework of robot configuration so(More)
As the electronic industry is making its progress to miniaturize high performance, smaller and lower-priced IC packages, 3D packaging technologies are presently used to achieve these goals. Although 3D packaging technologies are vastly studied and applied to perform better performance, low power consumption and smaller packaging size of IC packages,(More)
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