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In this work, we propose the marginal structured SVM (MSSVM) for structured prediction with hidden variables. MSSVM properly accounts for the uncertainty of hidden variables, and can significantly outperform the previously proposed latent structured SVM (LSSVM; Yu & Joachims (2009)) and other state-of-art methods, especially when that uncertainty is large.(More)
Multi-instance learning, as other machine learning tasks, also suffers from the curse of dimensionality. Although dimensionality reduction methods have been investigated for many years, multi-instance dimension-ality reduction methods remain untouched. On the other hand, most algorithms in multi-instance framework treat instances in each bag as(More)
—Multi-instance learning, like other machine learning and data mining tasks, requires distance metrics. Although metric learning methods have been studied for many years, metric learners for multi-instance learning remain almost untouched. In this paper, we propose a framework called Multi-Instance MEtric Learning (MIMEL) to learn an appropriate distance(More)
Kernel method is a powerful tool in multi-instance learning. However, many typical kernel methods for multi-instance learning ignore the correspondence information of instances between two bags or co-occurrence information, and result in poor performance. Additionally, most current multi-instance kernels unreasonably assign all instances in each bag an(More)
In this paper, we present a novel near-duplicate video retrieval system serving one million web videos. To achieve both the effectiveness and efficiency, a visual word based approach is proposed, which quantizes each video frame into a word and represents the whole video as a bag of words. The system can respond to a query in 41ms with 78.4% MAP on average.
Feature selection is an effective tool to deal with the "curse of dimensionality". To cope with the non-separable problem, feature selection in the kernel space has been investigated. However, previous study cannot adequately estimate the intrinsic dimensionality of the kernel space. Thus, it is difficult to accurately preserve the sketch of the kernel(More)
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