Wei-Ping Luo

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A novel K2S2O8-promoted decarboxylative cross coupling of α,β-unsaturated carboxylic acids with cyclic ethers was developed under aerobic conditions. The present protocol, which includes C-C and C═O bond formation in one step through addition, oxidation, and decarboxylation processes, leads to the desired ketone products in moderate to excellent yields. In(More)
A direct α-Csp3-H methylenation of arylketones to form C═C bond using dimethyl sulfoxide as one-carbon source is achieved under transition metal-free reaction condition. Various aryl ketone derivatives react readily with DMSO, producing the α,β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds in yields of 42 to 90%. This method features a transition metal-free reaction(More)
Oxidative rearrangement of internal alkynes catalyzed by manganese(III) porphyrin is described, which opens a new access to one-carbon-shorter ketones using molecular oxygen. Under the standard conditions, a variety of alkynes including diarylalkynes and arylalkylalkynes rearranged smoothly to the corresponding ketones in high yields. Based upon(More)
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