Wei-Ping Huang

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Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is a malignancy with poor prognosis. WNT/β-catenin signaling dysregulation, especially β-catenin overactivation and WNT antagonist silencing, is associated with RCC carcinogenesis and progression. However, the role of WNT ligands in RCC has not yet been determined. We screened 19 WNT ligands from normal kidney and RCC cell lines(More)
A rigorous full-vector analysis based on the finite-difference mode-matching method is presented for three-dimensional optical wave propagation problems. The computation model is facilitated by a perfectly matched layer (PML) terminated with a perfectly reflecting boundary condition (PRB). The complex modes including both the guided and the radiation fields(More)
A coupled-mode formulation is described in which the radiation fields are represented in terms of discrete complex modes. The complex modes are obtained from a waveguide model facilitated by the combination of perfectly matched boundary (PML) and perfectly reflecting boundary (PRB) condition. By proper choice of the PML parameters, the guided modes of the(More)
The single mode Fabry-Perot (FP) semiconductor lasers are investigated systematically by a rigorous time-domain theoretical model based on the transfer matrix method. Static and high-speed dynamic performances under direct modulation and strong external optical feedbacks are simulated for both symmetric and asymmetric longitudinal structures of the lasers.(More)
We present theoretical results of quarter- and half-wave plates based on two-dimensional photonic crystal that has a polarization-independent self-collimating effect. The designed low-order wave plates have achromatic characteristic with high phase accuracy of +/-0.01pi in the normalized frequency range 0.273-0.281alpha/lambda, which is about 45 nm in the(More)
We have investigated a hybrid plasmonic-photonic mode in Si and Ge channel waveguides over the 1.55-8.0 μm wavelength range. A 10-nm Cu ribbon was buried midway within a Si₃N₄ "photonic slot" centered in the semiconductor strip. For the TMo mode, propagation lengths L of several millimeters are predicted for a waveguide cross-section of about 0.7λ/n x(More)
A low-loss surface plasmonic polariton (SPP) laser is designed as a candidate for the light-source in large-scale integrated (LSI) photonic circuits. Key design parameters of the laser are discussed and optimized to enhance the optical gain and minimize the metallic absorption loss. Performance of the laser is calculated to verify the device feasibility in(More)
New designs for electro-optical free-space and waveguided 2 x 2 switches are presented and analyzed at the 1.55 μm telecoms wavelength. The proposed devices employ a ~10 nm film of GeSe that is electrically actuated to transition the layer forth-and-back from the amorphous to the crystal phase, yielding a switch with two self-sustaining states. This phase(More)
An optical device scheme that serves simultaneously as a power combiner for upstream and wavelength demultiplexer for downstream signals is presented. The design concept is validated experimentally by an optical module based on off-the-shelf discrete optical components. An integrated device based on planar lightwave circuit (PLC) is proposed and analyzed in(More)