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OBJECTIVE To determine the sensitivity of T2*-weighted gradient-echo (T2*GRE) and inversion recovery turbo-field-echo (TFE) sequences for cortical multiple sclerosis lesions at 7 T. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS Autopsied brain tissue from individuals with multiple sclerosis was scanned with 3-dimensional T2*GRE and 3-dimensional inversion recovery(More)
  • Veela Mehta, Wei Pei, Grant Yang, Suyang Li, Eashwar Swamy, Aaron Boster +2 others
  • 2013
MRI phase imaging in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and in autopsy tissue have demonstrated the presence of iron depositions in white matter lesions. The accumulation of iron in some but not all lesions suggests a specific, potentially disease-relevant process, however; its pathophysiological significance remains unknown. Here, we explore the role of(More)
Cytochrome c-initiated activation of apoptotic protease activating factor-1 (Apaf-1) is a key step in the mitochondrial-signaling pathway for the activation of death-executing caspases in apoptosis. This signaling pathway has been implicated in the pathophysiology of various neurological disorders, including ischemic brain injury. In this study, we have(More)
Our results presented here suggest that cortical neurons degenerate via two caspase-mediated apoptotic pathways when challenged with 0.5 microM rotenone. Although these two pathways can be attributed to the loss of mitochondrial integrity, the triggers for these pathways are likely due to two separate subsequent events (the release of cytochrome c and the(More)
Automatically identifying the new equipment after its integration and adjusting operation strategy to realize " plug and play " functionality are becoming essential for micro-grid operations. In order to improve and perfect the micro-grid " plug and play " function with the increased amount of equipment with different information protocols and more diverse(More)
The incidence of cervical vertebra spondylosis is increasing with the pace of life while there is no high-efficient measurement method. This study proposed a non-contact, high-efficient, and high-precisionmethod measuring the cervical vertebra activities which obtains the cervical vertebra activities by combining the function of skeletal tracking and face(More)
With the advent of an aging society, stroke makes a heavy burden for our society. Stroke can damage the motor and sensory neural system and block the closed loop between the brain and the body. Due to the neural plasticity, this closed loop can be rebuilt through training. Users' actively engagement can help expedite functional recovery. Therefore, we(More)