Wei-Ning Zhu

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Part I (Mak et al., 1987, J. Biomechanics 20, 703-714) presented the theoretical solutions for the biphasic indentation of articular cartilage under creep and stress-relaxation conditions. In this study, using the creep solution, we developed an efficient numerical algorithm to compute all three material coefficients of cartilage in situ on the joint(More)
Toxoplasma gondii is an obligatory intracellular apicomplexan protozoan which can infect any warm-blooded animal and causes severe diseases in immunocompromised individuals or infants infected in utero. The survival and success of this parasite require that it colonizes the host cell, avoids host immune defenses, replicates within an appropriate niche, and(More)
Rheological flow properties of link-stable and link-free proteoglycan (PG) aggregates in concentrated solutions were measured using a cone-on-plate viscometer. A second-order constitutive model, based upon the statistical-network theories of Lodge, [Rheol. Acta 7, 379-392 (1968)] and De Kee and Carreau [J. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mech. 6, 127-143 (1979)], was(More)
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