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Research on the analysis of steady-state simulation experiments has concentrated on mitigating the effects of initial-condition bias and estimating the variance of the simulation point estimator, usually a sample mean. There has been little research on improving the precision of point estimators through variance reduction, especially in multivariate(More)
This paper presents a novel peer group filtering method, called the NPGF method, for impulse noise reduction. The main contributions of the proposed method are twofold. First, we propose that the impulse noise detection is performed in the CIELab, instead of the RGB, color space to enhance noise detectability. Secondly, the proposed method employs two(More)
This paper presents a Bonferroni procedure for selecting the alternative with the largest mean when the variances are unknown and unequal and correlation is induced among the observations for each alternative by common random numbers. Simulation results show that the Bonferroni procedure is more efficient than Dudewicz and Dalal's procedure when the(More)
Purpose – Recently, an increasing number of Internet users have begun to purchase various products, both secondhand and new, from online auction websites. However, some Internet users are still hesitant to purchase products from these websites. Moreover, the factors affecting male and female users' intention to shop on the websites may be different. Past(More)