Wei Mong Tsang

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We describe a flexible multisite microelectrode for insect flight biasing using neural stimulation. The electrode is made of two layers of polyimide (PI) with gold sandwiched in between in a split-ring geometry. The split-ring design in conjunction with the flexibility of the PI allows for a simple insertion process and provides good attachment between the(More)
We describe the demonstration of moth Manduca sexta flight control via pupae-implanted MEMS-based electrodes that directly interface with the central nervous system (CNS). We have developed a flexible electrode array that provides multisite electrical stimulation of an interganglionic bundle of nerve fibers in the moth's abdominal nerve cord (analogous to a(More)
We developed microfabricated flexible neural probes (FNPs) to provide a bi-directional electrical link to the moth Manduca sexta. These FNPs can deliver electrical stimuli to, and capture neural activity from, the insect's central nervous system. They are comprised of two layers of polyimide with gold sandwiched in between in a split-ring geometry that(More)
We report the first remote flight control of an insect using microfabricated flexible neuroprosthetic probes (FNPs) that directly interface with the animal's central nervous system. The FNPs have a novel split-ring design that incorporates the anatomical bi-cylinder structure of the nerve cord and allows for an efficient surgical process for implantation(More)
The cephalometric characteristics of skeletal anterior open bite (AOB) in a southern Chinese population were evaluated in a group of 104 subjects with AOB and were compared with a control group of 40 subjects without AOB. The anteroposterior jaw relationship in the AOB group was Class I in 43%, Class II in 14%, and Class III in 43%. Cephalometric analysis(More)
In this work, Co ions were implanted into thermally oxidised SiO2 layers on silicon substrates. The implantation energy was 50 keV and the doses were 1, 3, 5 and 7 x 10(16) Co+/cm2. The field emission (FE) properties of these layers were studied and correlated with results from atomic force microscopy and transmission electron microscopy measurements. Other(More)
Metallic-dielectric nanocomposites, including Ag-SiO 2 , Co-SiO 2 and WC-SiC, were synthesised on silicon substrates using ion implantation. The electron field emission (FE) properties of these nanocomposites were studied and correlated to their microstructure determined from the measurements of atomic force microscopy, Rutherford backscattering(More)
One hundred and four patients with anterior open bite (AOB) were subdivided by statistical means into three distinctly separate groups with AOB of different severity based on the extent of separation of the incisors in the vertical plane. Cephalometric evaluation of all subjects was completed using 24 skeletal and 12 dentoalveolar measurements, and the(More)