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  • Wei Wu, Wei Min
  • 2009
This paper presents a GPS positioning method based on neural network adaptive Kalman filter. Using the innovation vector which reflects the degree how the model fits the data, and real-timely accessing to the innovation vector’s ratio of the theoretical variance to the actual of variance, we can get the working conditions of Kalman filter. Then(More)
  • Wei Min
  • 2008
In the information techniques century over the past decade, it is seen that the tourism is linked to intelligent systems is becoming more and more popular. This paper proposes a novel intelligent system for improving product of tourism enterprises for tourism development design. After the analyses, as well as, some tests carried out, which have shown that(More)
The theory of customer relationship management has been gradually penetrated into all levels of enterprise management. As a close business with customers, travel agency should focus on customer relationship management, which is very important. This paper attempts to combine the concept of customer relationship management and the processes of traditional(More)
An electronic instrument which is called automobile parameters recorder can real-time gather and record the automobile driving conditions, which is very important to the driving safety and the analysis of the traffic accident responsibility. The working environment of the parameters recorder is severe and its external disturbance is strong. In order to(More)
The university curriculum arrangement system, which includes teachers, classrooms, class, curriculum, time and many other factors, is both complex and key link in the universities educational management. The essence of the class arrangement system is that courses, teachers and students in the right time assign in the suitable classroom, which is a(More)
—Recent years have seen a burgeoning interest in industrial wireless network with applications ranging from filed monitoring to controlling. Industrial wireless network have several important attributes that require special attention to device design which include the need for inexpensive, long-lasting, highly reliable devices coupled with very low(More)
In this paper, we propose an efficient and accurate traffic management scheme by using multi-channel sniffer and analyzer tool for wireless networks. It is very important to manage data traffic in wireless network. Our methods include a channel resource optimization scheme by using centralized channel assignment algorithms and an intrusion detection scheme(More)
The quality of a search engine is typically evaluated using hand-labeled data sets, where the labels indicate the relevance of documents to queries. Often the number of labels needed is too large to be created by the best annotators, and so less accurate labels (e.g. from crowdsourcing) must be used. This introduces errors in the labels, and thus errors in(More)
As wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are employed in many applications, security of these networks must be ensured. Considering the limited resources of nodes in WSNs, it is a critical challenge. Meanwhile, the deployed nodes are separated and they need to cooperatively transmit the sensed data to the base station. To reduce the amount of sending data, an(More)