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Very recently, several chaos-based image ciphers using a bit-level permutation have been suggested and shown promising results. Due to the diffusion effect introduced in the permutation stage, the workload of the time-consuming diffusion stage is reduced, and hence the performance of the cryptosystem is improved. In this paper, a symmetric chaosbased image(More)
Confidentiality is an important issue when digital images are transmitted over public networks, and encryption is the most useful technique employed for this purpose. Image encryption is somehow different from text encryption due to some inherent features of image such as bulk data capacity and high correlation among adjacent pixels, which are generally(More)
Recently, great concerns have been raised regarding the issue of medical image protection due to the increasing demand for telemedicine services, especially the teleradiology service. To meet this challenge, a novel chaos-based approach is suggested in this paper. To address the security and efficiency problems encountered by many existing(More)
In this paper, confusion algorithm based on three dimension chaotic map system will be proposed and presented. Chen's chaotic system is 3-D chaotic map system, which will be used to obtain a proposed confusion algorithm. A proposed encryption algorithm will be designated as CA3DCS. It will be applied on two different color's frequencies(More)
A new routing algorithm for MPLS(Multi-Protocol Label Switching, MPLS)traffic engineering in SDN-based (Software Defined Network, SDN)satellite switching networks is presented in this paper. LSP(Label Switched Path, LSP)link initial weights are defined as composite functions consisting of link transmission delay, residual bandwidth and BER(Bit Error Rate,(More)
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