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With the fast development of the Internet and computer technology in recent years, the use of visual information on the World Wide Web has become more popular. There has been a trend in retrieving images on the basis of automatically-derived features such as color and shape. Conducting the image retrieval by query image has attracted plenty of attention(More)
Received 2/2/2001; revised 3/28/2001; accepted 4/19/2001. For correspondence or reprints contact: Wei-Min Jeng, Ph.D., Department of Computer Information Science, Soochow University, 56, Section 1, Kwei-Yang Street, Taipei, Taiwan. Tel: (886)2-23111531 ext. 3444, Fax: (886)2-23756878, E-mail: wjeng@cis.scu.edu.tw Image reconstruction using positron emission(More)
In the realm of modern medicine, there is ongoing discussion as to how to diagnose disease early. Accompanying the development of nuclear medicine, Positron Emission Tomography was developed. This method has made a great contribution in the early discovery of tumors. A variety of PET modalities have also been created in the last few decades. After human(More)
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