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We describe a novel and effective video enhancement algorithm for low lighting video. The algorithm works by first inverting the input low-lighting video and then applying an image de-haze algorithm on the inverted input. To facilitate faster computation and improve temporal consistency, correlations between temporally neighboring frames are utilized.(More)
This paper studies the name lookup issue with longest prefix matching, which is widely used in URL filtering, content routing/switching, etc. Recently Content-Centric Networking (CCN) has been proposed as a clean slate future Internet architecture to naturally fit the contentcentric property of today’s Internet usage: instead of addressing end hosts, the(More)
The C-aryl glucoside 6 (dapagliflozin) was identified as a potent and selective hSGLT2 inhibitor which reduced blood glucose levels in a dose-dependent manner by as much as 55% in hyperglycemic streptozotocin (STZ) rats. These findings, combined with a favorable ADME profile, have prompted clinical evaluation of dapagliflozin for the treatment of type 2(More)
Name-based route lookup is a key function for Named Data Networking (NDN). The NDN names are hierarchical and have variable and unbounded lengths, which are much longer than IPv4/6 address, making fast name lookup a challenging issue. In this paper, we propose an effective Name Component Encoding (NCE) solution with the following two techniques: (1) A code(More)
Multivariate statistical methods, such as cluster analysis (CA), discriminant analysis (DA) and principal component analysis (PCA), were used to analyze the water quality dataset including 13 parameters at 18 sites of the Daliao River Basin from 2003-2005 (8424 observations) to obtain temporal and spatial variations and to identify potential pollution(More)
Given their critical role as gateways to Web content, the search results a Web search engine provides to its users have an out-sized impact on the way each user views the Web. Previous studies have shown that popular Web search engines like Google employ sophisticated personalization engines that can occasionally provide dramatically inconsistent views of(More)
OBJECTIVE The inhibition of gut and renal sodium-glucose cotransporters (SGLTs) has been proposed as a novel therapeutic approach to the treatment of diabetes. We have identified dapagliflozin as a potent and selective inhibitor of the renal sodium-glucose cotransporter SGLT2 in vitro and characterized its in vitro and in vivo pharmacology. RESEARCH(More)
MicroRNAs regulate several aspects of tumorigenesis and cancer progression. Most cancer tissues are archived formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded (FFPE). While microRNAs are a more stable form of RNA thought to withstand FFPE-processing and degradation there is only limited evidence for the latter assumption. We examined whether microRNA profiling can be(More)
Popular anonymous communication systems often require sending packets through a sequence of relays on dilated paths for strong anonymity protection. As a result, increased end-to-end latency renders such systems inadequate for the majority of Internet users who seek an intermediate level of anonymity protection while using latency-sensitive applications,(More)
The contamination levels and distribution characters of heavy metals in coastal waters and sediments from Tianjin Bohai Bay, China were examined. Pb and Zn were found as the main heavy metal pollutants in the coastal waters of the bay. High levels of Pb and Zn appeared especially near the estuary, indicating that river discharge was the main pollution(More)