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Automatically assessing photo quality from the perspective of visual aesthetics is of great interest in high-level vision research and has drawn much attention in recent years. In this paper, we propose content-based photo quality assessment using regional and global features. Under this framework, subject areas, which draw the most attentions of human(More)
  • Xin Ma, Wei Luo
  • 2008
IPv6 over IEEE802.15.4 (a.k.a. 6LowPAN), has become the standard for low-rate wireless personal area networks (LR-WPAN). IPv6 is taken as an interconnection scheme for IEEE802.15.4 equipments at network layer, 6LowPAN technology has attracted extensive attention. This paper introduced IEEE802.15.4 standard and 6LowPAN technology, discussed 6LowPAN's(More)
BACKGROUND Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease, the most common hereditary peripheral neuropathy, is highly clinically and genetically heterogeneous, and mutations in at least 18 genes have been identified. Recently, mutations in small heat shock protein 27 (Hsp27) were reported to cause CMT disease type 2F and distal hereditary motor neuropathy. OBJECTIVE(More)
Depression is a common occurrence in patients with Parkinson's disease (PD). Thus, there may be a common neural mechanism underlying the two diseases. Lewy body accumulation in specific brain areas of PD patients may damage emotion-related functions, leading to depression. Among these areas, the amygdala may present with the earliest to be damaged in PD.(More)
—Multiple-power-level ALOHA has been proposed to take advantage of the capture phenomenon in order to improve the throughput of a multiple random access system. In this paper, we study the effect of the use of multiple transmission power levels and of the corresponding packet lengths on the system throughput and energy efficiency. We prove that the(More)
This paper presents a geographic information system (GIS) based floating catchment method for identifying physician shortage areas. The traditional designation methods are primarily regional availability measures, which use administrative boundaries such as counties as the basic spatial units for calculating physician to population ratios and designate(More)
A deadlock-free minimal routing algorithm called clue is first proposed for VCT (virtual cut-through)-switched tori. Only two virtual channels are required. One channel is applied in the deadlock-free routing algorithm for the mesh subnetwork based on a known base routing scheme, such as, negative-first or dimension-order routing. The other channel is(More)