Wei Lun Fong

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Although mobile code systems typically employ link-time code veriiers to protect host computers from potentially malicious code, implementation aws in the veriiers may still leave the host system vulnerable to attack. Compounding the inherent complexity of the veriication algorithms themselves, the need to support lazy, dynamic linking in mobile code(More)
Security aws are routinely discovered in commercial implementations of mobile code systems such as the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Typical architectures for such systems exhibit complex interdependencies between the loader, the ver-iier, and the linker, making them diicult to craft, validate, and maintain. This reveals a software engineering challenge that(More)
Statistical data show that losses caused by railway transportation system accidents are far more severe than those incurred by highway accidents, and most of the railway accidents occur at level crossings. It is necessary and urgent to design a reliable railway crossing security system to effectively reduce the number of accidents. Through the deployment of(More)
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