Wei-Lun Chen

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This paper focuses on the performance and scalability of mobile, base-station-oriented wireless networks, which have been the subject of research and development projects sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The background and rationale for such networks is presented as well as performance and scalability analyses of their routing,(More)
In this article, a dynamic gesture recognition system with the depth information is proposed. The proposed system consists of three main components: preprocessing, static posture recognition and dynamic gesture recognition. In the first component, the background subtraction is used to exclude invalid gestures that is not generated by the main user, and then(More)
Employing a voltage-clamped network and one additional switch to the forward converter with ripple reduction (FRR), a two-switch RCD-clamped FRR (RCDFRR) is proposed. In addition to inheriting the advantages of the FRR, it can surpass the maximum 50% duty cycle limitation with simple implementation. Consequently, the proposed converter is suitable for wide(More)
In this paper, we proposed a dynamic hand gesture recognition system by using only the depth information. The proposed system can recognize twelve different dynamic hand gestures, including swipes, scales, push, wave, rotates, circle, and drag. First, the background subtraction is used to remove the unnecessary information, and the depth information of main(More)
A novel financial time-series analysis method based on deep learning technique is proposed in this paper. In recent years, the explosive growth of deep learning researches have led to several successful applications in various artificial intelligence and multimedia fields, such as visual recognition, robot vision, and natural language processing. In this(More)
This paper designs and implements a high-voltage DC power supply with wide-range output voltage up to 30kV. There are two stages for the power conversion. The pre-stage circuit is a transition-mode (TM) power factor correction (PFC) converter for improving input power factor and providing a regulated 380V DC output. The post-stage is a DC/DC converter, to(More)
A 55-year-old male presented with a rapidly expanding mass on the right side of the neck and progressive hoarseness. An electronic laryngoscopy and a computed tomography scan were performed, and the patient was subsequently diagnosed with tumors of the larynx and the thyroid gland. An en bloc near-total thyroidectomy combined with a total laryngectomy was(More)
To further capture the influences of uncertain factors on river bridge safety evaluation, a probabilistic approach is adopted. Because this is a systematic and nonlinear problem, MPP-based reliability analyses are not suitable. A sampling approach such as a Monte Carlo simulation (MCS) or importance sampling is often adopted. To enhance the efficiency of(More)