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GhLFY was cloned from G. hirsutum L. Its expression, subcellular localization, and function were analyzed, as well as the in vivo regulation of GhLFY by the MADS-box protein SOC1 (GhSOC1). Flowering is a very important phase during which plants produce the organs for sexual reproduction. The FLORICAULA/LEAFY (FLO/LFY) homologs play a major role in the(More)
Living cells continually generate reactive oxygen species (ROS) through the respiratory chain during energetic metabolism. ROS at low or moderate concentration can play important physiological roles. However, an excessive amount of ROS under oxidative stress would be extremely deleterious. The central nervous system (CNS) is particularly vulnerable to(More)
—Wireless network coding is a useful technology that can increase the total throughput of wireless networks. There are, however, few works focusing on wireless network coding over fading channels, which is an important characteristic of many real wireless channels and may result in performance degradation. To investigate the fading channel's impact on(More)
Temperature programmed desorption and infrared and X-ray absorption near-edge spectroscopies were used during adsorption and reactions of thiophene in order to probe adsorbed intermediates and catalytic structures responsible for thiophene reactions with propane or H 2 on H-ZSM5 and Co/H-ZSM5. Infrared spectra showed that thiophene interacts with acidic OH(More)
Co/H-ZSM5 catalyzes propane dehydrogenation and aromatization reactions. Initial product selectivities, product site-yields, and the 13 C content and distribution in the products of 2-13 C-propane show that propane undergoes two primary reactionssdehydrogenation to propene and H 2 and cracking to methane and ethene. Propene and ethene then form aromatics(More)
The structures, electron affinities and bond dissociation energies of BrO(4)F/BrO(4)F(-) species have been investigated with five density functional theory (DFT) methods with DZP++ basis sets. The planar F-Br...O(2)...O(2) complexes possess (3)A' electronic state for neutral molecule and (4)A' state for the corresponding anion. Three types of the(More)
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