Wei-Li Lu

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Clinical investigators have argued that the experience of a recent onset of psychosis is an event of such severity that it can lead to posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or at least to PTSD symptoms. The traumagenic elements of the psychotic experience may relate to the distressing nature of psychotic symptoms, components of treatment, or both. However,(More)
The construct of self-efficacy has been hypothesized to mediate the relationship between efforts at coping with psychiatric illness and functional outcome. This study examined whether self-efficacy mediated the relationships between psychosocial functioning and important predictors of functioning: premorbid functioning, negative symptoms, and cognitive(More)
This study evaluated the relationship between threat perception bias and anxiety among children and adolescents in China. A sample of 1,004 elementary, middle and high school students aged 9 to 19 years listened to stories containing themes of generalized anxiety, social anxiety and separation anxiety in either an ambiguous or non-ambiguous context. The(More)
This study focused on the antidepressant potential of orcinol glucoside (OG) and its possible mechanisms of action. We established a depressed rat model using 3 consecutive weeks of chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS). The antidepressant-like effect of OG was revealed using the sucrose preference test, the open field test, the forced swimming test(More)
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