Wei-Li Lee

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The FPGAs (Field-Programmable Gate Array) are popular in hardware designs and even hardware/software co-designs. Due to the advance of manufacturing technologies, leakage power has become an important issue in the design of modern FPGAs. In particular, the partially dynamical reconfigurable FPGAs allow the latency between FPGA reconfiguration and task(More)
After decades of searching for the dissipationless transport in the absence of any external magnetic field, quantum anomalous Hall effect (QAHE) was recently achieved in magnetic topological insulator films. However, the universal phase diagram of QAHE and its relation with quantum Hall effect (QHE) remain to be investigated. Here, we report the(More)
The quest for materials showing large thermoelectric power has long been one of the important subjects in material science and technology. Such materials have great potential for thermoelectric cooling and also high figure of merit ZT thermoelectric applications. We have fabricated bilayer graphene devices with ionic-liquid gating in order to tune its band(More)
Cadmium arsenide (Cd3As2) is known for its inverted band structure and ultra-high electron mobility. It has been theoretically predicted and also confirmed by ARPES experiments to exhibit a 3D Dirac semimetal phase containing degenerate Weyl nodes. From magneto-transport measurements in high quality single crystals of Cd3As2, a small effective mass m(*) ≈(More)
In a ferromagnet, an anomalous Hall heat current, given by the off-diagonal Peltier term alpha(xy), accompanies the anomalous Hall current. By combining Nernst, thermopower, and Hall experiments, we have measured how alpha(xy) varies with hole density and lifetime tau in CuCr2Se4-xBrx. At low temperatures T, we find that alpha(xy) is independent of tau,(More)
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