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The arrangement graph was proposed as a generalization of the star graph topology. In this paper we investigate the topological properties of the (n, k)-arrangement graph &k. It has been shown that the (n, n-2)arrangement graph An,+2 is isomorphic to the n-alternating group graph AGn In addition, the exact value of average distance of A,,& has been derived.
—The combination of SIP-NEMO and IMS brings benefits of power saving, low complexity and few handoff to both end users and service providers. In this article we investigate the integration of SIP-NEMO in the IMS, and propose two interworking architectures: loosely coupled and tightly coupled. We also present three basic scenarios: registration, session(More)
With high mobility rates of vehicles, there may be frequent occurrences of simultaneous handover. Our work focuses on and straightens out the problems resulting from simultaneous handover in SIP-NEMO. This article proposes a proxy-aided simultaneous handover (PASH) mechanism for the architecture of mobile networks operating on vehicles. The system(More)
With the media-independent pre-authentication (MPA), a mobile node (MN) performs the pre-authentication and pre-configuration to get the new care-of-address (nCoA) as the layer 3 handover before the layer 2 handover, in order to lessen handover delay. However, in reality, the MN may perform the layer 2 handover due to the link going down before completing(More)