Wei-Kuo Chen

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Structural and optical properties of thick InGaN layers with strain and composition inhomogeneities are investigated. High resolution x-ray diffractions (XRD) and reciprocal space mapping (RSM) along an asymmetric axis reveal that the In composition inhomogeneity is accompanied by strain relaxations during the growth of thick InGaN layers. According to the(More)
A hybrid patterned sapphire substrate (hybrid-PSS) was prepared using an anodic aluminum oxide etching mask to transfer nanopatterns onto a conventional patterned sapphire substrate with microscale patterns (bare-PSS). The threading dislocation (TD) suppression of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) grown on a hybrid-PSS (HP-LED) exhibits a smaller reverse leakage(More)
The optical properties of GaAs nano-wires grown on shallow-trench-patterned Si(001) substrates were investigated by cathodoluminescence. The results showed that when the trench width ranges from 80 to 100 nm, the emission efficiency of GaAs can be enhanced and is stronger than that of a homogeneously grown epilayer. The suppression of non-radiative centers(More)
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