Wei-Kang Wang

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The use of bismuth oxyhalides as photocatalysts has received extensive interest because of their high photocatalytic activity and stability. However, available methods for the synthesis of bismuth oxyhalides with tailored morphologies, well-defined facets, and tunable band gaps are still lacking. In this work, two-dimensional BiOClx Br1-x solid solution(More)
It is important to increase their value by managing intellectual capital (IC), since fabless firms face an intensely competitive environment. The aim of this paper is develops a two-stage production process including IC capability and IC efficiency to characterize the IC performance of the fabless firms using a non-parametric frontier method – data(More)
This study applies the dynamic slack-based measure (DSBM) model to evaluate the performance of 34 Chinese life insurance companies for the period 2006–2010. This study also examines the relationship between intellectual capital and performance using the truncated regression approach. Our findings indicate that over the period of the study, the mean(More)
The low-contrast images taken by digital cameras or camera phones are not always satisfactory due to the limitation of the capturing devices or improper illumination/exposure conditions. Conventional image contrast enhancement methods may either fail to produce satisfactory and undistorted images, or they cannot improve every region of interest(More)
In this paper, we present a new framework for knowledge-based intelligent decision support systems for developing a national defense budget planning. The planning procedure for and architecture of the national defense budget in Taiwan are discussed in detail. In particular, the theories and techniques of intelligent decision support are used in the yearly(More)
In our daily life, digital cameras and smart phones have been widely used to take pictures. However, digital cameras and smart phones have a limited dynamic range, which is much lower than that human eyes can perceive. Thus, the photographs taken in high dynamic range scenes often exhibit under-exposure or over-exposure artifacts in shadow or highlight(More)
First developed by Xerox in 1979, benchmarking provides measurement and comparison to improve processes and achieve higher performance. Benchmarking has proven a powerful tool for total quality management and process improvement. Successful benchmarking implementation is based on an effective benchmarking tool. To effectively implement benchmarking(More)
Photocatalyst plays a vital role in the photochemical water treatment. To improve the visible-light photoactivity of TiO2 for refractory pollutant degradation, CdS/TiO2 hybrids with different nanostructures have been prepared, but usually suffer from a low photocatalytic degradation efficiency and a rapid photocorrosion. In this work, we developed a(More)
In this paper, we present a new framework for knowledge-based decision support systems for government vendor selection and bidding. The system integrates a database, rule base and model base as a tool for managers in the decision-making problems via the Internet. The procurement procedures for and architecture of the government vendor selection and bidding(More)