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The effects of near-surface soil stratigraphy on the amplitude and frequency content of ground motion are accounted for in most modern U.S. seismic design codes for building structures as a function of the soil conditions prevailing in the area of interest. Nonetheless, currently employed site-classification criteria do not adequately describe the(More)
Weak-motion geotechnical array recordings at 38 stations of the Japa-nese strong-motion network KiK-Net from the 2003 M w 7:0 Miyagi-Oki aftershock sequence are used here to quantify the amplification and attenuation effects of near-surface formations to incident seismic motion. Initially, a seismic waveform optimization algorithm is implemented for the(More)
Photonics band gap properties will be changed dramatically if there is a defect at the center of the photonic crystal. We theoretically proposed a nanoscale structure, i.e., n-doped asymmetric quantum wells, coherently controlled by an infrared laser. Due to the quantum interference in the conduction intersubband transitions, the refractive index could be(More)
Keywords: Heat exchanger CFD modelling Thermoelectric generator Heat transfer Thermal and hydraulic performances a b s t r a c t The thermal performance of a heat exchanger is important for the potential application in an integrated solar cell/module and thermoelectric generator (TEG) system. Usually, the thermal performance of a heat exchanger for TEGs is(More)
We study how the inelastic structural response predicted via synthetic seis-mograms is affected by the selection of site response models in ground motion simulations. We first generate synthetics for multiple scenarios and site conditions in Southern California using attenuation relations, site specific linear, vis-coelastic and nonlinear analyses, and(More)
In order to calibrate the static and the dynamic error coefficients of tested gyro which is installed only once on three-axis turntable, a sequential measurement method is designed. The gyro's parameters to be calibrated, include the elementary specification, and the error model coefficients concerned with the specific force, with the angular rate and with(More)
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