Wei-Jue Zhang

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The snRNP core proteins (B, D3, D2, D1, E, F, and G) assemble with snRNA and form the snRNP core particle with a suggested stoichiometry of B2[D1, D2(E, F, G)2]D3. The newly synthesized snRNP core proteins are stored in the cytoplasm in three RNA-free complexes of (1) B at 2S-6S; (2) [D1, D2(E, F, G)2] at 6S; and (3) (B, D3, and 69 kDa) at 20S. The snRNP(More)
Background: The study aimed to identify the potential biomarkers in pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) and TB latent infection based on bioinformatics analysis. Methods: The microarray data of GSE57736 were downloaded from Gene Expression Omnibus database. A total of 7 pulmonary TB and 8 latent infection samples were used to identify the differentially expressed(More)
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