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Enhanced struvite recovery from wastewater using a novel cone-inserted fluidized bed reactor.
Overall, inserting cones in each part of the reactor played a significant role in enhancing struvite recovery from a wide range of phosphorus-containing wastewater. Expand
Magnetic targeted drug delivery carriers encapsulated with pH-sensitive polymer: synthesis, characterization and in vitro doxorubicin release studies
The results revealed that PAA@MNPs would be a competitive candidate for biomedical application and MNPs-DOX could be used in targeted cancer therapy. Expand
Solution-processed, high-performance nanoribbon transistors based on dithioperylene.
  • Wei Jiang, Y. Zhou, +6 authors J. Pei
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of the American Chemical Society
  • 12 January 2011
Solution-processed, high-performance 1D single-crystalline nanoribbon transistors fabricated from dithioperylene are described. The integration of two sulfur atoms into the perylene skeleton inducesExpand
Low levels of graphene and graphene oxide inhibit cellular xenobiotic defense system mediated by efflux transporters
Graphene and GO are not environmentally safe since they can significantly make cell more susceptible to other xenobiotics, and this chemosensitizing activity should be considered in the risk assessment of graphene and GO. Expand
Determination of trace europium by use of the new fluorescence system europium–sparfloxacin–1,10-phenanthroline–sodium dodecyl sulfate
A new lanthanide-sensitized luminescence system: europium–sparfloxacin–1,10-phenanthroline–sodium dodecyl sulfate has been discovered and was used for the determination of trace amounts ofeuropium in rare earth samples with satisfactory results. Expand
6–40 GHz photonic microwave Doppler frequency shift measurement based on polarization multiplexing modulation and I/Q balanced detection
Abstract A novel optical approach to implement broadband Doppler frequency shift (DFS) measurement is proposed and demonstrated. Through I/Q balanced detection using a polarization divisionExpand
Nanoscale dual-enzyme cascade metal-organic frameworks through biomimetic mineralization as ROS generators for synergistic cancer therapy.
In vitro experiments showed that the GOx@Pd@ZIF-8 composite effectively inhibited cancer cell proliferation, invasion, and migration and promoted apoptosis through the ROS-mediated signaling pathway, which was further confirmed by bioinformatics analyses of RNA-seq data obtained from in vitro experiments. Expand
High mobility, air stable, organic single crystal transistors of an n-type diperylene bisimide.
The development of air-stable, high mobility, n-type organic semiconductors for organic electronics is still highly emergent and perylene bisimides (PBIs) will be considered as candidates because of their reasonable electron acceptor ability. Expand
Rational design of a highly selective and sensitive fluorescent PET probe for discrimination of thiophenols and aliphatic thiols.
A novel highly sensitive and selective 'off-on' fluorescent probe for thiophenols has been developed by a PET mechanism through a rational design.
Chelate cooperativity and spacer length effects on the assembly thermodynamics and kinetics of divalent pseudorotaxanes.
The results presented here show that multivalency is expressed in both the thermodynamics and the kinetics in different ways and a spacer optimized for strong binding is suboptimal for fast pseudorotaxane formation. Expand