Wei-Jia Xie

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Rhododendron is one of the most well-known alpine flowers. In order to identify performances relating to Rhododendron’s natural habitats we investigated the leaf anatomical structures and photosynthetic characteristics of R. yunnanense, R. irroratum and R. delavayi, which showed different responses after being transplanted into a common environment. When(More)
Viburnum is an important genus in horticulture with great ornamental value. Interspecific hybridisations between Viburnum species are made with the aim to enlarge the assortment with more diverse flower colours. However, interspecific pre- and postzygotic crossing barriers hamper the success of breeding efforts. In this study we evaluated the occurrence of(More)
A novel PMR polyimides (TMBZ-15) based on substituted benzidines is examined and compared to state-of-the-art PMR-15. The mechanism for the thermal decomposition of two specific PMR polyimides is obtained using TG/FTIR/MS techniques. In order to verify the pathway of polyimide degradation, a pyrolysis/GC-MS technique was employed to evaluate the organic(More)
The ability to capture SO2 and halogens is one of the most important advantages of fluidized bed combustion (FBC). In order to clarify the affects of chlorine in the absorption of SO2 emission, experiments involving the addition of PVC to coals were carried out using the 0.3 m ID bench scale FBC system at Western Kentucky University. During the experiments,(More)
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