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— InGaAs has recently emerged as the most attractive non-Si n-channel material for future nano-scale CMOS. InGaAs n-channel MOSFETs promise to advance Moore's Law by allowing continued scaling through a reduction in footprint and operating voltage without compromising performance. This paper reviews recent advances in some of the key enabling process(More)
In the last few years, as Si electronics faces mounting difficulties to maintain its historical scaling path, transistors based on III-V compound semiconductors have emerged as a credible alternative. To get to this point, fundamental technical problems had to be solved. Nevertheless, there are still many challenges that need to be addressed before the(More)
  • Nikita Ramdas Bodke, Jayashri Shantaram Khule, +11 authors N. Yu
  • 2016
Because of the privacy-preserving, data hiding is a new technique that had drawn attention. Access control and transaction tracking, data hiding techniques can be used to insert a private message and private image into a video bit stream for copyright protection. To an encrypted format, for security and privacy digital video need to be stored in the system(More)
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