Wei-Hua Yang

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Human albumin has recently been demonstrated to protect brain neurons from injury in rat ischemic brain. However, there is no information available about whether human albumin can prevent loss of tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) expression of dopaminergic (DA) neurons induced by 6-hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA) toxicity that is most commonly used to create a rat model(More)
Gene regulation remains one of the major challenges for gene therapy in clinical trials. In the present study, we first generated a binary tetracycline-on (Tet-On) system based on two lentivirus vectors, one expressing both human glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (hGDNF) and humanized recombinant green fluorescent protein (hrGFP) genes under(More)
We have recently demonstrated that adeno-associated virus serotype 9 (AAV9)-mediated human erythropoietin (hEPO) gene delivery into the brain protects dopaminergic (DA) neurons in the substantia nigra in a rat model of Parkinson's disease. In the present study, we examined whether pre-exposure to AAV9-hEPO vectors with an intramuscular or intrastriatal(More)
The title compound, C(14)H(11)ClN(2)O(3)S, with fused thiophene and pyran rings, was synthesized via the condensation of dihydro-thio-phen-3(2H)-one 1,1-dioxide and 2-(3-chloro-benz-yl-idene)malononitrile catalysed by triethyl-amine in ethanol. The thio-phene ring adopts an envelope conformation and the pyran ring is planar (r.m.s. deviation = 0.0067 Å).(More)
In the title compound, C(15)H(11)N(3)O(4)S, the dihedral angle between the mean planes of the dihydro-indol-2-one (r.m.s. deviation = 0.015 Å) and dihydro-thieno[3,2-b]pyran (r.m.s. deviation = 0.011 Å) ring systems is 89.53 (3)°. The crytal packing is consolidated by inter-molecular N-H⋯O and N-H⋯N hydrogen bonds, which link the mol-ecules into a(More)
In the title compound, C(14)H(11)BrF(3)N(5)O(2), the pyrimidine ring adopts a flattened envelope conformation with sp(3)-hybridized carbon as the flap [deviation = 0.177 (3) Å]. The dihedral angle between tetra-zole and bromo-phenyl rings is 84.3 (1)°. In the crystal, mol-ecules are linked into centrosymmetric dimers by pairs of N-H⋯N hydrogen bonds.
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