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The digestive physiology of Chinese loach (Paramisgurnus dabryanus) was studied by assessing the specific and total activities of different pancreatic (trypsin, chymotrypsin, amylase and lipase), gastric (pepsin) and intestinal (alkaline phosphatase and leucine-aminopeptidase) enzymes from hatching to 40 days after hatching (DAH). Larvae were reared at 24.4(More)
The improvement of design for a better E-learning system based on cognition and emotion is proposed in this paper. Some theories including cognitive science, artificial emotion, artificial psychology theories and multimedia design principles based on emotion & cognitive theories are used for this design. Then the emotion cognition model of E-learning(More)
This paper describes a system developed in LabVIEW environment to monitor the long term dynamic behavior of bridges. This system comprises three main parts: an automated signal processing toolkit, including automated vibration level detection and system identification; a database to organize the results, in text and graph format, generated from the signal(More)
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