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In this paper we describe the architecture and design of a new file system, XFS, for Silicon Graphics’ IRIX operating system. It is a general purpose file system for use on both workstations and servers. The focus of the paper is on the mechanisms used by XFS to scale capacity and performance in supporting very large file systems. The large file system(More)
In this paper, we introduce a general overview of Falcon-AO: a practical ontology matching system with acceptable to good performance and a number of remarkable features. Furthermore, Falcon-AO is one o the best systems in all kinds of tests in the latest three years’ OAEI campaigns. Falcon-AO is written in Java, and is open source. © 2008 Elsevier B.V. All(More)
Falcon-AO is an automatic tool for aligning ontologies. There are two matchers integrated in Falcon-AO: one is a matcher based on linguistic matching for ontologies, called LMO; the other is a matcher based on graph matching for ontologies, called GMO. In Falcon-AO, GMO takes the alignments generated by LMO as external input and outputs additional(More)
Ontologies proliferate with the progress of the Semantic Web. Ontology matching is an important way of establishing interoperability between (Semantic) Web applications that use different but related ontologies. Due to their sizes and monolithic nature, large ontologies regarding real world domains bring a new challenge to the state of the art ontology(More)
BACKGROUND The mechanisms of paraneoplastic thrombocytosis in ovarian cancer and the role that platelets play in abetting cancer growth are unclear. METHODS We analyzed clinical data on 619 patients with epithelial ovarian cancer to test associations between platelet counts and disease outcome. Human samples and mouse models of epithelial ovarian cancer(More)
Schistosoma japonicum causes schistosomiasis in humans and livestock in the Asia-Pacific region. Knowledge of the genome of this parasite should improve understanding of schistosome-host interactions, biomedical aspects of schistosomiasis and invertebrate evolution. We assigned 43,707 expressed sequence tags (ESTs) derived from adult S. japonicum and their(More)
An object on the Semantic Web is likely to be denoted with multiple URIs by different parties. Object coreference resolution is to identify "equivalent" URIs that denote the same object. Driven by the Linking Open Data (LOD) initiative, millions of URIs have been explicitly linked with owl:sameAs statements, but potentially coreferent ones are still(More)
Ontology matching is an important task to achieve interoperation between semantic web applications using different ontologies. Structural similarity plays a central role in ontology matching. However, the existing approaches rely heavily on lexical similarity, and they mix up lexical similarity with structural similarity. In this paper, we present a graph(More)
Although VEGF-targeted therapies are showing promise, new angiogenesis targets are needed to make additional gains. Here, we show that increased Zeste homolog 2 (EZH2) expression in either tumor cells or in tumor vasculature is predictive of poor clinical outcome. The increase in endothelial EZH2 is a direct result of VEGF stimulation by a paracrine circuit(More)