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BACKGROUND In many sports, female athletes have a higher incidence of anterior cruciate ligament injury than do male athletes. Among many risk factors, the lower rotatory joint stiffness of female knees has been suggested for the increased rate of anterior cruciate ligament injuries. HYPOTHESIS In response to combined rotatory loads, female knees have(More)
BACKGROUND Repetitive motion of the hand has been suggested as a major factor of pathogenesis of cumulative trauma disorders (e.g., carpal tunnel syndrome). The purpose of this study was to investigate the 3D displacement of the median nerve and extrinsic finger flexor tendons (flexor digitorum superficialis; flexor digitorum profundus) as a function of(More)
Osteomyelitis characterized by an inflammatory response often leads to bone loss and the spread of bacterial infection to surrounding soft tissues. To overcome the side effects induced by the systemic antibiotic treatment for osteomyelitis, recent investigations have explored the use of antibiotic-loaded undegradable or biodegradable delivery implants at(More)
BACKGROUND Normally, the subacromial-subdeltoid bursa is thinner than 2 mm using ultrasound examination. The subtle thickening of the bursa could be an early sign of subacromial impingement and possibly a rotator cuff tear. The aim of this study was to compare the thickness of subacromial bursa measured using ultrasonography in the painful shoulder with(More)
BACKGROUND Necrotizing fasciitis is a true surgical emergency. This study was undertaken to determine whether clinical indicators could be used to initiate early surgery, and to compare the characteristics observed on initial examination of necrotizing fasciitis in patients who died and those who survived. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed the medical(More)
BACKGROUND Unstable posterior ring injuries of the pelvis are a challenge to pelvic surgeons, and their treatment has been controversial. The functional outcomes of such injuries following either percutaneous iliosacral screw fixation or conservative treatment remain to be elucidated. METHODS We conducted a retrospective analysis of 32 consecutive(More)
BACKGROUND Vibrio species are a rare cause of necrotizing soft-tissue infections and primary septicemia, which are likely to occur in patients with hepatic disease, diabetes, adrenal insufficiency, and immunocompromised conditions. These organisms thrive in warm seawater and are often present in raw oysters, shellfish, and other seafood. This study examined(More)
BACKGROUND Locations of femoral tunnels for anterior cruciate ligament replacement grafts remain a subject of debate. HYPOTHESIS A lateral femoral tunnel placed at the insertion of the posterolateral bundle of the anterior cruciate ligament can restore knee function comparably to anatomical femoral tunnel placement. STUDY DESIGN Controlled laboratory(More)
BACKGROUND Vibrio and Aeromonas species, which can cause necrotizing fasciitis and primary septicemia, are members of the Vibrionaceae family and thrive in aquatic environments. Because the clinical symptoms and signs of necrotizing fasciitis and sepsis caused by these two bacteria are similar, the purposes of this study were to describe the clinical(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of the iliotibial band (ITB) on the kinematics of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) intact and deficient knees and also on the in situ force in the ACL during a simulated pivot shift test. A combination of 10 N-m valgus and 5 N-m internal tibial torques was applied to 10 human cadaveric knees at 15(More)