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– With the advent of new FCC policies on spectrum allocation for next generation wireless devices, we have a rare opportunity to redesign spectrum access protocols to support demanding, latency-sensitive applications such as high-def media streaming in home networks. Given their low tolerance for traffic delays and disruptions, these applications are(More)
BACKGROUND Although animal studies have demonstrated frontal white matter and behavioral changes resulting from prenatal cocaine exposure, no human studies have associated neuropsychological deficits in attention and inhibition with brain structure. We used diffusion tensor imaging to investigate frontal white matter integrity and executive functioning in(More)
Proliferation and innovation of wireless technologies require significant amounts of radio spectrum. Recent policy reforms by the FCC are paving the way by freeing up spectrum for a new generation of frequency-agile wireless devices based on software defined radios (SDRs). But despite recent advances in SDR hardware, research on SDR MAC protocols or(More)
Different mutation operators have been proposed in evolutionary programming, but for each operator there are some types of optimization problems that cannot be solved efficiently. A mixed strategy, integrating several mutation operators into a single algorithm, can overcome this problem. Inspired by evolutionary game theory, this paper presents a mixed(More)
Mucopolysaccharidosis type IIIB (MPS IIIB) or Sanfilippo Syndrome type B is a lysosomal storage disease resulting from the deficiency of N-acetyl glucosaminidase (NAGLU) activity. We previously showed that intracranial adeno-associated virus (AAV)-based gene therapy results in partial improvements of several aspects of the disease. In an attempt to further(More)
OBJECTIVES Prominent growth failure typifies Rett syndrome (RTT). Our aims were to 1) develop RTT growth charts for clinical and research settings, 2) compare growth in children with RTT with that of unaffected children, and 3) compare growth patterns among RTT genotypes and phenotypes. METHODS A cohort of the RTT Rare Diseases Clinical Research Network(More)
Background and Objective. Now with more and more published systematic reviews of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) on adult cancer pain, it is necessary to use the methods of overview of systematic review to summarize available evidence, appraise the evidence level, and give suggestions to future research and practice. Methods. A comprehensive(More)
This prospective longitudinal study evaluated the effect of prenatal cocaine exposure (PCE) on executive functioning in 5- and 7-year-old children. In total, 154 pregnant cocaine users, identified by urine toxicology and structured interviews, were matched to 154 nonusers. Children were assessed by certified masked evaluators, and caregivers were(More)
To the best of our knowledge, the problem of mining multi-relational frequent patterns in data streams is still unsolved up to now. To attack this problem, an algorithm RFPS, which is based on novel data synopsis and declarative bias, is proposed in this paper. By introducing a new data synopsis method, where period sampling is used, many samples’(More)
Wireless devices are being increasingly deployed in digital homes to deliver demanding applications such as high-quality streaming media. To avoid costly interference, they can use frequency-agile hardware to detect and utilize unoccupied wireless spectrum ranges. The challenge is how to manage spectrum among a variety of heterogeneous consumer devices(More)