Wei Hong Zhang

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A comprehensive computational study is undertaken to identify the influence of friction in material characterization by indentation measurement based on elastoplastic solids. The impacts of friction on load versus indentation depth curve, and the values of calculated hardness and Young’s modulus in conical and spherical indentations are shown in this paper.(More)
Abstract—Multi-layer perceptron feed-forward neural network is adopted to predicate the diameter error of workpiece in turning process on the basis of the characteristics of diameter error. Turning experiment is designed to obtain the original training data and testing data. After analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of gradient descent(More)
To meet the increasing needs of modern heavy ion accelerators, ECR ion source must be developed to deliver high intensity high brightness high charge state ion beams, in terms of accelerator output power and beam transmission efficiency. With the success in several laboratories on fully superconducting ECR ion source development, the performance of highly(More)
BACKGROUND Maternal mortality measurement remains a critical challenge, particularly in low and middle income countries (LMICs) where little or no data are available and maternal mortality and morbidity are often the highest in the world. Despite the progress made in data collection, underreporting and translating the results into action are two major(More)
The emission of harmonics from power electronic devices causes extra stress of equipment in power systems. Hence, the need of harmonic distortion measurements is increasing. Harmonic measurements in high voltage systems with voltage transducers may cause large errors. In this paper, a calibration method implementing software digital filters and the phase(More)
To satisfy the HIRFL (Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou) accelerators’ requirement and the needs of several other future accelerator facilities, many high beam intensity ion sources have been developed at IMP. The ion sources include intense high charge state ion beam ECR ion sources and high intensity proton beam ECR or microwave sources. This paper(More)
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