Wei-Hong Lu

Wei-Wei Huang1
Cui-Lin Cheng1
Xing-Long Hu1
1Wei-Wei Huang
1Cui-Lin Cheng
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The traditional method of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry for monosaccharide component analysis with pretreatment of acetylation is described with slight modifications and verified in detail in this paper. It was then successfully applied to the quantitative analysis of component monosaccharides in polysaccharides extracted from the pine cones. The(More)
To further study the characteristics of changes on the molecular level of rice mutants induced in space environment, we analyzed proteins in leaves and seeds of four rice mutants (two high-tillering and two low-tillering) in the 8(th) and 9(th) generations after a 15-day spaceflight, and compared with their ground controls by two-dimentional polyacrylamide(More)
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