Wei-Guo Jiang

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The catastrophic 8.0 Richter magnitude earthquake that occurred on 12 May 2008 in Wenchuan, China caused extensive damage to vegetation due to widespread landslides and debris flows. In the past five years, the Chinese government has implemented a series of measures to restore the vegetation in the severely afflicted area. How is the vegetation recovering?(More)
Key Points: • Martian dynamo can be terminated by impact-induced thermal heterogeneity • Magnetic field morphology remains intact • Martian dynamo timing places a lower bound on paleopolar reorientation (2014), Could giant basin-forming impacts have killed Martian dynamo?, Geophys. This is an open access article under the terms of the Creative Commons(More)
Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cv. Jimai22 was used to evaluate the effect of ethylene evolution rate (EER) and 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid (ACC) and their relations with photosynthesis and photochemical efficiency in plants well-watered (WW) and under a severe water deficit (SWD). SWD caused a noticeable reduction in the grain mass. The marked(More)
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